Royal Purple is the world’s leading lubricant company: The Performance Oil That Outperforms®. Our product portfolio includes a complete line of premium synthetic lubricants and performance chemicals for automotive, commercial trucking, and industrial applications. With our proprietary Synerlec® technology serving as the cornerstone for most of the products, Royal Purple lubricants excel in head-to-head performance tests by outperforming the competition.


RED CHAPTER CLOTHING was founded in 2008 by world-famous Ambigram artist Mark Palmer and alternative country singer/songwriter Bryan Hopkins of Elvis Monroe. Mark Palmer is the most prolific Ambigram artist in the world. His mind-blowing Ambigram lettering artwork and concepts are the foundation for the entire Red Chapter brand. Palmer’s creative vision and tireless work ethic are driven by a very simple creed: never settle, learn from mistakes and take chances.

Over Revd energy shots are the culmination of years of research in creating the best "all natural" energy boost. With Aloe being a key ingredient along with 12 super fruits, our energy shot provides good energy with minimal crash, compared with the other leading brands.



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